Erectile Remedies

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is often a symptom and not a condition. An erection is a result of complex multisystem processes, and sexual arousal involves the interaction of your body, nervous system, muscles, hormones, and emotions.

Research shows that ED is mostly due to problems with the blood vessels. In fact, plaque buildup in the arteries causes ED in about 40% of men over 50 years old.

Lifestyle treatments include sexual anxiety counselling, psychological counselling, maintaining a healthy weight, and reducing tobacco and alcohol use.

Herbal helpers:

Panax ginseng, the herbal Viagra, has solid research behind it. Korean red ginseng dosages from 600 – 1,000 mg taken three times daily shows effectiveness in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Ginsenosides act at the cellular level to improve erection.

It also has an anti-inflammatory action, improves lung function and blood flow, which may reduce ED. It’s beneficial for stamina, concentration, stress reduction, and overall well-being.

There is significant improvement in penile rigidity, girth, duration of erection, improved libido, and overall satisfaction. It releases nitric oxide that helps erectile functions. In human trials, participants took 900 milligrams of Panax ginseng 3 times a day for 8 weeks. Note: This is considered a safe treatment, but on a short-term basis of 6 to 8 weeks, and consult your doctor before use.

Rhodiola rosea dosages of 150 – 200 mg daily (after 3 months) shows improved sexual function and increased energy.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a natural hormone produced by your adrenal glands. It can be converted to both oestrogen and testosterone in the body. The dietary supplement comes from wild yam and soy. Men with ED are more likely to have low levels of DHEA due to hormonal issues as well as poor blood flow to organs. Men taking 50 mg DHEA once a day for 6 months were able to achieve and maintain an erection.

L-arginine is an amino acid naturally present in your body that helps make nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels to facilitate a successful erection, and is essential for healthy sexual functioning. Men with ED taking 5 g of L-arginine daily had improved sexual function. L-arginine combined with Pycnogenol restored sexual ability to 80% of study participants after 2 months, and 92% had restored sexual ability after 3 months.

Acupuncture shows positive results when acupuncture is used to treat ED. Improvement in the quality of erections and restored sexual activity was found in 39% of study participants, and 21% of men who received acupuncture had improved erections.

Maca, or Lepidium meyenii, is rich in amino acids, iodine, iron, and magnesium. There are three types of maca: red, black, and yellow. Men who took 3 g of maca daily for 8 weeks reported an improvement in sexual desire. While maca is safe, it can elevate blood pressure in people with heart conditions. Please consult your doctor before use.

Ginkgo biloba may increase blood flow to the penis. Improved sexual function in 76% of the study participants was noted in an antidepressant medication study. This is why researchers believe that ginkgo may be effective for men who are experiencing ED due to medication. Positive response when taking 40 – 60 mg capsules twice a day for 4 weeks. Note: Your risk for bleeding may increase, especially if you are on blood thinning medications.

Other herbs reported to treat ED are horny goat weed (epimedium), musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum), and saffron (Crocus sativus).

Always talk to your doctor before trying a new herbal supplement as they may interact with your medications or cause unintended side effects.

Overall though, men just remember to have fun! Stressing won’t help so enjoy fooling around. After all, you have 2 hands and a tongue that you can call off the subs bench to play!

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