Many Hats

Wearing many different hats means you have several different jobs or roles – sometimes performing at once. We all have more than one facet to ourselves, there is the professional, the homebody, the prankster, and the comforter in all of us. 

When we are busy it can be difficult to decide which hat to put on next. Wear one hat at a time – hard if you are a multi-tasker. Focus on the task at hand do that with all your energy and love. There will always be another opportunity for your other hats! When you are in the moment, be in the moment. Don’t try and juggle jobs as something will inevitably get missed, this will only cause you to feel pressured and stressed. 

The symptoms of stress include, low energy, headaches, upset stomach (including diarrhoea, constipation, and nausea), aches and pains, tense muscles, chest pain and rapid heartbeat, insomnia, frequent colds and infections, difficulty concentrating, struggling to make decisions, feeling overwhelmed, constantly worrying, being forgetful, being irritable and snappy, sleeping too much or too little, eating too much or too little, and avoiding certain places or people. Getting stressed isn’t worth the bad health – just think about what it takes to try on a hat that doesn’t fit: it either swamps you or it’ll tear apart.

You need to be open to new experiences, humble enough to recognise that you’re out of your element, and quick enough to catch the mistakes and hang that hat up that isn’t working. Don’t try to do everything at once; set small targets you can easily achieve, and don’t focus on the things you can’t change; focus your time and energy into helping yourself feel better. Remember some things can wait and nothing bad will happen if you don’t get it done right away. There is always another day to put on the career hat, the relationship hat, and the best one of all, the relaxation hat! 

Which aspect of your life do you want to invest time? This is very important question that will lead to your personal growth. Staying positive is key: find the optimistic viewpoint in negative situations, cultivate a positive environment, go slow (there’s no rush), don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, add value wherever you can, exercise and eat healthy, sleep well, don’t allow fears to hold you back from your dreams, and relax!

Try relaxing your mind by taking slow, deep breaths (or try using breathing exercise apps), practice meditation to focus on the present moment, soak in a warm bath, listen to soothing music, write a daily journal.

Remember stress acts differently in different people – what causes stress in one person may not bother another. Don’t worry though because not all stress is bad – in small doses, stress can help you accomplish tasks and prevent you from getting hurt. 

Simple tips to help reduce your stress levels are to avoid caffeine, avoid alcohol, avoid nicotine, exercise, take control and manage your time, talk to someone, keep a journal, get more sleep, say ‘no’ when you need to, try relaxation techniques such as meditation and massage.

Take one day at a time and one task at a time, wear just the one hat on your one head – and go get yourself a hat stand!

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